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To My Faithful Followers!

I have been toggling this for a while, even tried it and couldn’t go through with it at first, but after much thought and realizing that majority of my readers are on Blogger, I want to be on the same platform as the majority.

So with that being said, I have moved.  Over to Blogger.

Just like here, you can follow me by email or sign up via Google.  I will still be posting a message similar to this on here for a week or so, just to make sure everyone “gets the memo”.

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Aurora, CO 7/20/2012

Such sadness blankets our beautiful and wonderful state today.  A horrendous act transpired on innocent people enjoying a night out viewing a movie that was much anticipated.

I’m sure you all have heard. If not, here is the basic low down on what occurred:

A Man, young man, only 24 years old, threw tear gas (2 containers) into a theater packed, sold out of people viewing the released Dark Knight Batman movie.  He began shooting.  Killing 12, 59 shot  and injuring 71 (last updated at 1:30pm).  More, up to date information on the  events can be found here:




I’m not here to reference the events of WHAT occurred but more of a thought of this, appreciate every moment.  Know you are blessed…God gives you a lot, even when you don’t think so.  You have life, you have family, you have friends, you are ALIVE.  That in it self should be enough to make you happy.

I don’t know how many times we get caught up in LIFE.  We are worried about money, about tomorrow, about a month from now when we should really be enjoying the moment.  Enjoying our family and what we are blessed with.  We need to appreciate THE MOMENT, because you don’t know when it will be your last one.

My heart is hurting so hard for our community.  My words and thoughts are still jumbled, not knowing what to say or think.  I met a person who was in an adjacent theater, they were affected, they were hurt, they survived.  They look at life differently, even as I talked to the person, the whole event was still numb…I think for all of us here in Colorado  it’s still numb.  We live in an amazing state, never a shortage of people willing to lend a hand, a prayer, a hug to people who need it.  This event shows that.  It puts everything in perspective again.

You never know what will happen next and you can NOT live your life looking at the worst in things, in people in ANYTHING.  Love your life, love the ones around you, who love you back, don’t mess with negative, don’t mess with those who aren’t true to you.  You don’t know how much time you have left, so don’t waste it where it doesn’t need to be wasted.

I leave you with this, give your loved ones a hug tonight.  Spend time with your loved ones this weekend, don’t get caught up in our busy world.  Take ONE day and just BE STILL.  Take account of what you have and enjoy it!


Music Monday

Wow, I totally bailed last week!  My Monday music video was M.I.A. Sorry!!

So I have been watching re-runs of the Hills for the past week. YES, The Hills…the preppy city girls.  Don’t know WHY the heck I like the show, but I do.  Anyway, the intro song is by Natasha Bedingfield, “Unwritten” It’s an awesome song, great thing to live by especially in today’s world.


Bugged by Bugs

My daughter…a fearless soul.  Well this statement was true until Friday evening.  Something horrible happened, something that has potentially ruined a carefree summer.

My parents had gone out of town, leaving us to take care of the fort….make sure all stays alive (plants,garden,dog,etc).  Perfect, I love gardens and I love taking care of them, I can not wait to get back into a house and have our own again.

I proceed to go to my parents backyard to do some watering and my kiddo does her normal duty of going to play in the little sand box activity table that my parents had bought for her.  She was doing fine for about 5 minutes.  I was water one of my dad’s pumpkin plants, when that’s when it all went down.

Kiddo started crying, shaking her hands and stomping her feet.  WAY not like her! I knew something was wrong.

That’s when she started saying…well…more like crying yelling “Bee fly away…bee fly away!”

So apparently something that happened between her and this (at the time) bee, was pretty serious, normally she doesn’t freak nor even really react to them when they are near her.  At this point I wasn’t sure if it was a bee, of some other bug that possibly bit her.

So I take her home and finally get her calmed down…sort of.  After 2 baths, 2 movies and 2 glasses of CHOCOLATE milk, she was still not herself.  She kept holding her jaw, sort of like she had either a tooth ache or her ears were possibly hurting.

I gave her Tylenol and even some baby oragel, in case the “2 year molars” were punching through their ugly heads.  I just didn’t know.  It seemed like everything I did, wasn’t helping.  Finally around 11PM she finally drifted off to sleep.

the next morning we take her to our pool at our apartments…like always after, I give her a bath to remove the sunscreen and chlorine.  That is when I notice 2 nasty bump/welt/scratch looking things on the back of her ear…well not ON her ear, but the part of your head that is tucked between the back of the ear and the head.  I touch it, she freaks and won’t let me near it.

I gave her some Benadryl cream on it, and within a few hours it was gone.  She wasn’t picking at her ears anymore and seemed to be okay. Considering it went away that diminished my thoughts of a bee sting and centered them towards a bite…horse fly? Possible mosquito? Still not sure, but it’s gone.

After her nap we went back to my parents house and proceeded to play in the pool they bought in the beginning of the season.  She did good until a bug flew by and it was all down hill from there.  We cut the trip short and went back home.  We went back again yesterday and she did better, lasted almost and hour until she again saw/heard a bug fly near her and started getting scared again.  Every time she sees/hears it now, she says “Scary!” and holds her ears.  The sad thing is, even when her hair tickles her ears, it freaks her out.

So whatever that bite was, has scared her to a large amount of not even enjoying her little pool at my parents house for the long periods of time like she has.

I read up on it on the wonderful babycenter.com site, always my go to for things I need advice on.  Both the “experts” and other parents eased my mind in that this is a normal stage and it happens more often than many people think.  That we can’t force her into the situation but recognize her issue and encourage her that it’s okay and bugs won’t hurt you.

I hope this phase/fear diminishes soon at worst, she forgets it by next season.

Any other advice would always be welcome!!! =)

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Not By Choice.

I’m not a working mom by choice.  I am lucky that I enjoy my job, but I would leave in a second given that chance to stay home with my girl.

Beware, I’m typing with emotion right now, will be speaking MY thoughts and if I offend or upset anyone, please know I am not trying to do so intentionally, just getting some steam released….unless you are one of the 2 jerk mothers I had a conversation with today, then YES I am trying to bash you.

Okay.  Today is Friday, really my LAST day of my week off from work.  The day started amazing.  I am doing a lot of things with my daughter, we went to the store, we went and had an early lunch together, then we went to the park.  The park is where my anger began to rise.  My daughter was playing with 3 girls really well considering she doesn’t have any contact with kids her age.  I was sitting underneath the cover picnic benches, just watching, enjoying being a a stay at home mom for just a few more hours. When one of the ladies opened her mouth.

…keep in mind, this might not exactly be word for word, but I’ll try my best to share the WHOLE converstation.

Mom #1: Are you that little girl’s mom?

*now thinking back, you saw me walking up with her, good observation genius.*

Me: Yes, I am.

Mom #1: She is so adorable! What’s her name?

Me: Cheyenne, she just turned 2 this last Monday.

Mom#1: Aww, she is so cute! My little one just turned 3 in June. That one (pointing at on of the girls) there is mine, her name is Hailey.

Me: They grow fast don’t they?

Mom #2: You got that right! My oldest will be 8 in Sept.

Me: Wow

Mom#2: We were the only ones who could make the group today, there are 6 of us…the others had a soccer camp to attend. Do you go to any play groups?

Me: No but I have been wanting to join one, since all my friends with kiddos are back home and also up north where we did live.

Mom#1: Where did you live before?

Me: We lived up north in Lochbuie, just north of Brighton.  Moved down this way last year.

Mom#2: Oh I bet you guys like it a lot better here than there, huh?

Me: Not really, we are both small town, country kids, we enjoy the open space and ranches and farms.

Mom#1: Oh, that’s nice.

Mom#2: Well you are more than welcome to join our little group, we meet on Wednesdays or Fridays, depending on what the consensus is of all the girls.

Me: Well, I have to work on both those days.

Mom#2: Oh you work? Today’s Friday, why aren’t you at work?

Me: I have the week off, it’s been nice being at home with no pressure of a schedule.

Mom#1: Man, I worked before Hailey arrived and after she was born, both my husband and I thought it would be best if I stayed home with her.

Mom#2:  “Yeah, thats how we felt too.”

Me: It’s not my choice to work, we just fell subject to the economy, unfortunately like many American have and continue to do. I’m just doing my part to give my girl a good life.

Mom#2: That’s sad, I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to be with my child, being with their parents is best for them at their age.

Me: Yeah, well, at least my mother watches her and not some stranger, so I know she is getting taken care of and is learning what she needs to.

Mom#2: Nothing like the actual parent being around though, always constantly bonding.

Me: Yeah, I agree, but sometimes things and life just happens, and you just have to cowboy up and roll with the punches.  Makes me a better person in the long run.

Mom#1: Luckily my husband makes enough money that I never have to worry about not having to work.

….this is where I pull out my phone and look at the time and say that we just stopped in for a quick play, I have to go meet my husband for lunch and it was a pleasure meeting them….damn I hate lying.

Needless to say Chey wasn’t ready to leave.  She got pissed when we left, cried, luckily didn’t scream……but in turn made me feel MORE of a crappy parent.

Those ladies are the reason why there is an unspoken clash between working moms and stay at home moms.  Many of us that have to work wish we didn’t have to.  We didn’t choose to leave home, whether it be part time or full time, we don’t like it and would change it in a second.  I know I would.

I’m not sure why there are moms out there that choose to make working moms feel as little as a grain of salt, making us out to be parents who don’t love their kids.  I think the exactly opposite, many working moms are out there, ensuring their children have what they need and many times want!  Paying for college, preschool, diapers, whatever!  I am working, yes, because I have to.  Even though I love my job I would give it up in a second if I could know we could live comfortably .  Until then, I do the best I can for  my family.  Continue to work my butt off at home and work to give my family a good life.  My husband does the best that he can to provide, but like thousands, the economy just doesn’t help much, nothing he is doing wrong, just, is what it is.

I am not throwing all stay at home moms underneath the bus.  I have tons of  mommy friends that stay home, who are blessed to stay home, that GET many of us moms who DO work, don’t want to. And would NEVER treat another mom this way regardless of working or not. But there are those ones, that, well, just don’t care about anyone but themselves.  I know if I was to ever be able to be a stay at home mom again, I would NEVER be like those jerks at the park today.  Mainly, because I have learned to appreciate a blessing such as that and that I would never judge anyone.  Sometimes things happen, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just LIVE life and make it through.  I appreciate things I have, even though they drive me nuts from time to time, like the lack of a laundry room….I really do hate that…..BUT at least I have a place IN MY HOUSE to do laundry and don’t have to go anywhere to accomplish it….which reminds me I have to do laundry….DAMN IT!

….anyway, I am disappointed that a mother would treat another mother that way.  I am appalled that there are people out there raising kids, with the same judgmental ideals, which DO rub off on your children.

I love my daughter, even though I only work part time, I can partially understand what the life of a working mom is and I wouldn’t ever make a full time mother feel badly, like they made me feel today.  I am blessed to be able to only have to work part time….I could only imagine how hard it would be to work full time and I just hope someday all of us who TRULY desire to be at home with our kids, will someday, and those who don’t appreciate the opportunity, well, get what’s coming to them.

As someone on my Twitter page said in response to a short comment about this morning, “time for the mommy wars to stop”…..we are all moms, we deal with the same things REGARDLESS if we have to work or not.  Wish everyone felt that way  .

I feel better now that I have vented….thank you all who listened to my words and know that I am not mad at ANYONE, nor to I feel badly towards anyone, unless you feel like these two moms…..

2 Yr Check Up Gone AWESOME!

The little one had her 2 year check up today.

As I got up early, I was nervous, and anxious.  We were going to a new doctor, since we are 50+ miles away from her original pediatrition.  I think beginning I was more nervous than she was.  We got there and the waiting room was very inviting.  There were 2 large fish tanks and many wall toys for the kiddos.  The office staff was awesome and informative and of course nice…you always want them to be nice.

We got called back, the nurse, also very sweet, took the head measurements, she has a large head…LOL…then we went to go check her weight.  At her old doctor you had to lay her on a flat scale, naked obviously, but here there was a chair to sit in that took the weight with stickers all over it…never had I seen my daughter sit SO still while getting the weight checked.

We go back to the room and wait for the doctor who was right on our heels, NO WAITING!! Always a plus especially with toddlers.  Our new doctor was amazing from the beginning!  Unlike the previous doctor, there were toys in the exam room to keep kiddo busy while I answered questions.  Then he had her sit on my lap to do a development test…testing color recognition, shapes, motor skills by stacking, high 5’s with each hand walking forwards backwards, then throwing a ball, which she threw it over her head and a few other “tests”!  He results came out at 2 years and 9 months…..YUP, she’s testing ahead by 9 months!!!! So proud.  The doctor had asked what we do for her learning, I mentioned the coloring, working on writing, Leap Frog movies and how she plays on my Kindle and such with preschool apps.  He mentioned a Leap Pad.  Hahaha, imagine that, I told him we got her one for her birthday and he informed me, just based on her behavior that he can see, her speech, her interest in everything and her results on her development exam, she is going to be a child that must always be engaged and doing something that’s challenging and mind bending.

She got that from my husband.  I am cool relaxing and watching a movie, but he ALWAYS wants to play games, now I’m not talking about brainless games, I ‘m talking games that require logic and lots of thinking.  Not bad at all! I enjoy the games now too, but I do enjoy brain numbing activities from now on.  Luckily he will have a play mate here soon and they can rock out some Cribbage and mommy will read! LOL!

Her weight is small compared to many kids these days.  She is at 21lbs.  She has always been small, NEVER above 5 percentile.  Our previous doctor always kinda hounded me about how much she is eating, why she isn’t gaining a lot of weight, in a sense gave me a hard time about it.  Our new doctor had no issue at all.  He asked how tall I was, how tall my husband was and our body types.  Both him and I are slim builds (my normal weight is 125-130 without my extra skin).  Doctor said that she is perfectly fine, especially with our family genes (heritage) and our body types.  He said that if she was anything more that 50% that he would be concerned with her, because there are more risks being a larger child.  So it was nice to hear that she is fine, and her weight is always normal.  I always knew and told myself that, it’s just nice to have a doctor in the same page as you!

So overall, the doctor visit went AMAZING!  I love the new doctor and the office and the way they do things!

I’m happy.

Our daughter is perfect healthy and testing above average.

I am a proud mommy!

Potty Training Update

Okay, yesterday went OKAY….nothing more than that.  I had really wanted to do the hard core training and try to get my daughter really ON the potty by this time next week.  However nothing ever goes as planned.

You all know about the issues we had been having with our water bills and such, well the head maintenance guy at our apartments FINALLY got wind of the issue and came and fixed it.  He had no clue about what was going on and this could have been resolved from the beginning, saving us tons of money (our water bills have been averaging $100 every month since March)!  Needless to say her was here for about 2 hours, then had to re-caulk our bathtub…in turn making too many distractions for potty training.

…Also, the little one, just wasn’t digging the way I was going about the training.  She did well, but wasn’t very receptive with the process.  I had her wear regular underwear and would take her to the potty every 20-30 minutes…nope, she didn’t like that part.  She is stubborn, just like mommy and daddy and wants to do things her way. So I am going to switch things up a little and make the training a bit less….well…less invasive.

Being a working mom makes it hard to really stick with something consistently.  There is always something that needs to be done and you are constantly moving.  I don’t have the ability to dedicate  3-4 days or how many ever to nothing but potty training, if I did, no problem.  I have had to schedule some things on this week off of work, making things a little busy at times.  And I am not wanting to take away from spending time with my girl and just being a mom, playing, cleaning (without the pressure of having to do it all in 2 days) and putting 100% attention to my family.


Potty training will go as follows and I think Cheyenne will respond better to this and it will be much easier on myself as well, especially since I will be back to work by this time next week.


  • We will do pull ups during the day, that way if there are any non toilet accidents, we don’t have to worry about increased laundry.
  • I will still do the taking her to the toilet every half hour or so and 10-15 minutes after meals.
  • I want to make it a slower less pressured process, I don’t want my girl to get frustrated and I also don’t want to get frustrated.
  • Once she gets to the point of REALLY not going till I take her to the potty, then we will go about the big girl underwear again.


So I want to keep it simple, but not stop the training.  I am glad there are mom’s who can get their kids trained in less than a week, but most of us don’t have that luxury of dedicating the necessary time, thanks to LIFE.  Not by choice.

So the process will be longer, but in the end I think it will be better for her.  She already hates being TOLD what to do, so I have to make sure I don’t pressure her too much that it turns her off from the process!

Potty Training Day 1

Okay, I am having this window open all day and going to “jot” down little things here and there, sort of like a progress journal of sorts.

Here’s is my plan for today, upon advice by experienced friends, we are going with the wearing big girl underwear and setting a timer for every 30 minutes.  I was told that when they feel the uncomfortableness of the “bathroom ” running down the leg, it’s a quick recognition that they don’t like that, in turn going to use the bathroom since you take them to the potty right away.  I have a plastic bag, lots of wipes easily accessible, changes of clothes and I’m as ready as I will ever be!


Stalling, she is playing with her trains, just got done with breakfast, ready to get her dressed and in her BIG GIRL underwear!!! YIKES!!


Already had the first accident, kiddo didn’t cooperate very well….already second guessing if I am taking the right approach? =/


First trip to the potty…small book read, NO GO.

….see you in 20-30 minutes



Had another little accident (#2) in the underwear but got two little pieces in the potty!!! COOKIE TIME!

Going on 10:00AM, hour after a success:

No more progress, she isn’t cooperating very well…totally defying anything regarding potty training now…must hold strong! =)

10:04AM Taking a little break, still doing the timer, but sitting and #momchat -ting on Twitter….this potty training stuff is exhausting!


Had to put a diaper back on for a while…we have been having issues with our water bill, we live in an apartment and we have been paying approx $100 for water PER month…not right, so they are finally getting it fixed now, working on it (hopefully), so I am distracted with that and we don’t have running water, so have to delay the potty training till after the nap….grrr…


Water meter is replaced, hopefully that works….needless to say it interrupted the potty training…I think I’m going to scratch today and restart all over tomorrow.


See you all tomorrow!

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2 Years Ago…


2 years ago today, at this moment, We were awaiting the arrival of our little girl.  She graced us with her presence at 6:18PM.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!  My life was forever change for the better!

5 months before we found out that we were going to have a new addition, the doctors that had to perform an injury fixing surgery on my husband gave us very slim odds to have success in creating a family.  Said it would be at least a year before anything could be possible, if at all.  Like I said, 5 months later, we proved the doctors wrong!

She is our miracle.

She has been the greatest gift EVER.  My life has changed, my priorities are forever changed (in a good way)!

We sit here, July 9th, 2012, 2 years later and in a place you could never imagine.  You plan, you dream and you act on where you want your life to go, but it hardly ever goes the way you plan.

I am blessed with this bright, beautiful and charismatic little girl.  Everyday I never know what is going to happen, what she will do, say, or think.  I love it!

She is the light of my life and the reason I live and strive to do my best in everything!

She is our little angel given to us by the Lord.

Thank you Lord for blessing us!


We gave her a birthday dinner and presents on Friday so she had all weekend to share them with mommy and daddy….here are some pictures to share with all of you!!!!

Why not have kiddo’s favorite meals all in one!! It IS her birthday dinner!




Bathtime buddy!! YEA!


Always providing an avenue for learning!


Mommy. what’s this???


WHOA!!!!!!!! Is it what I think it is, mommy??????


LEAP PAD!!!!!!


Look at that! She’s a Pro!


Didn’t even have to show her how to get to the drawing, she did it ALL by herself!!